Our Health to Hope program reduces barriers to transplantation

Our personalized coaching program helps get more people listed for lifesaving transplants

Health to Hope - a supportive approach to saving lives

Health to Hope supports individuals in their journey to kidney donation and transplantation. During the evaluation process, an individual may not fit the eligibility criteria to be waitlisted for a kidney transplant.

Once an individual does not meet kidney transplant evaluation requirements, they have limited to no opportunities to receive a lifesaving kidney, which leaves them to progress in CKD and prolongs dialysis treatments.

Health to Hope works with these individuals to ensure physical and mental health barriers are no longer an issue, leading to successful evaluation outcomes which result in waitlist approval and, eventually, lifesaving transplants.

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Journey Support


  • Patient Advocate
  • Living Donation Guides
  • Transplantation Experts

Physical Health


  • Physical assessments
  • Fitness coaching
  • Peer support

Mental Health


  • Mental health coaching
  • Strength and coping skills

There is a solution

Health to Hope supports patients through their donation and transplantation journey

Rejuvenate's Health to Hope team curates individualized health and wellness plans to help make transplantation happen. This journey focuses on physical and mental health with professional coaches leading wellness sessions and monitoring progress. With Rejuvenate oversight, journey support is given to the coaches and patients to determine timeframes for waitlist evaluation.

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Our proactive team works together to help you achieve your goals

Our talented and passionate team works literally hand-in-hand with our clients to reduce physical, emotional and system barriers to transplantation. Each coach has years of experience delivering expert guidance, and is also specially trained in the donation and transplantation process. This unique combination of skills helps our clients meet their goals to achieve waitlist designation, so they can take the next steps in their journeys.


Susan Rees

Chief Clinical Officer


Susan Rees, RN, BSN, has a passion for using innovative solutions to improve the lives of patients and give them the gift of more time with their families. Susan has over 25 years of experience helping to save lives through organ donation and transplantation. She is a registered nurse with an additional Bachelor of Science in nursing from Mercy College of Ohio and the University of Toledo. She has participated in clinical research, published abstracts, and co-authored a case study and numerous transplantation journal articles. As co-founder and chief clinical officer at Rejuvenate, her goal is to get people back to their families and their lives. “The employers we’re working with truly want the best for their employees, and that’s what Rejuvenate can provide. We’re a concierge service giving patients their own, personal guide of the medical field.”


Deanna Bauman

Director of Fitness

Deanna Bauman has impacted countless patients and families through her dedication to saving and enhancing lives through fitness. With her infectious optimism, she leads a team of coaches that mentors kidney donors and recipients to lead healthier lifestyles. Utilizing fitness methods and sound nutritional guidance, she helps others achieve greater health and wellness, with an overall goal to increase the number of successful kidney transplants.

Deanna is a certified personal trainer who has been involved with CrossFit since 2014. She has additional certifications in aerobic capacity and is a CrossFit Level 2 coach. Deanna thrives on helping people cultivate better lives and finds joy in sharing in her clients’ “aha!” moments. 


Jessica Cahoy

Fitness Coach

Jessica Cahoy has coached thousands of people on how to improve their eating and workout habits, not only to improve their lives but also to eradicate chronic diseases. She first discovered her passion for health and fitness while balancing simultaneous careers in competitive CrossFit and nursing.

While serving as a nurse, Jessica gained experience with gastrointestinal diseases, urology, orthopedics, neurology and Level 1 trauma centers. While she enjoyed serving others, she found herself facing an internal battle of wanting to follow doctors’ orders by administering routine medications, yet also recognizing how diet and exercise were overlooked as effective and less invasive options. Through her experience with CrossFit, she became well-versed in proper nutrition and exercise to build strength and endurance and eventually made the career leap to serving as a life coach.


Gretchen Leu von Seggern

Mental Health Coach

Gretchen von Seggern uses her 25 years of experience in the field of trauma and attachment trauma to help Rejuvenate’s clients prepare for and accept the stressors of transplantation. A board-certified professional clinical counselor and supervisor, she is also a certified EMDR master therapist, an EMDR Institute-approved consultant, a Level 2 trained sensorimotor psychotherapist, speaker and business coach.

Gretchen is the co-owner and developer of the Karuna House, a psychotherapy practice through which she treats police, fire and rescue departments within the State of Ohio. She also serves as a lead trainer, developer and consultant at the Karuna House Trauma Training Institute, which provides post-graduate advanced training specialization and certification in the field of EMDR therapy and adjunctive mind-body therapies. Gretchen brings together trauma-trained therapists in the event of large-scale trauma and natural disasters through her roles as Northwest Ohio EMDR Regional Network coordinator and Trauma Response Network coordinator. She also played a large role in the development and implementation of the mental health initiative pilot program in the Stryker, Ohio, school system, which had an overall goal to better understand and respond to the mental health challenges of youth.


Natalie Simmons


Natalie Simmons is known as the fearless administrator who keeps everything organized and running smoothly. In this role, Natalie handles a million tiny details each day. She also assists with the coordination of various activities, meetings, conferences and workshops. Natalie earned her bachelor’s degree in early childhood education from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. She taught kindergarten for four years before serving another four years as director and administrator of a childcare center. Natalie says everyone on the team at Rejuvenate brings something to the table. “I can’t say enough things about the people we work with. When you come into contact with our employees, whether you’re a benefits director or a patient waiting for a lifesaving kidney transplant, you can expect welcoming arms.”


Rizza Loveranes

Project Manager

Meet Rizza

Rizza Loveranes brings a positive outlook and over four years of experience in organ and tissue donation to the APKD. Rizza started her career at an organ procurement organization with a primary focus in tissue recovery administration before transitioning to a quality and regulatory affairs position. She holds an undergraduate degree in healthcare administration from the University of Nevada Las Vegas and a Master of Business Administration with a focus in executive leadership from Ohio University in Athens. Additionally, Rizza holds designations as a Certified Tissue Banking Specialist through the American Association of Tissue Banks and a Certified Quality Internal Auditor through the American Society for Quality. Through passion, teamwork and innovation, she believes we can all help end the wait for lifesaving organs. “To be able to witness transplantation and impact change in someone’s life has been gratifying and fulfilling.”


Mindy Black

Director of Mental Health

Mindy Black, BS, Certified Life Coach, has a passion for helping people thrive in life.  Mindy helps create a safe space for Rejuvenate’s clients to be able to acknowledge, honor and navigate through challenges on their path to more abundant living.  Mindy has a Bachelor of Science, with an emphasis in psychology. She has worked in healthcare for the past 20 years, first as a radiology technician in sports medicine and then as a licensed massage therapist. Mindy is especially skilled with the intersection of mind and body, or more specifically, how emotions affect the physical body and vice versa. She has been coaching patients for the past 10 years and has a special connection to those who are experiencing chronic kidney disease or have received a kidney transplant.


Andrew Lesniewicz

Mental Health Coach

Andrew Lesniewicz believes coaching can have a profound impact on people’s lives by inspiring transformation, healing and growth. This set of beliefs led Andrew to co-found Karuna House, a wellness center where he serves as co-owner, and the Karuna House Trauma Training Institute, where he serves as a lead trainer and consultant. 

Andrew’s work is informed by his ongoing practice of the Japanese martial art, Aikido, which can be translated as a way of harmonizing energy. He trains at Shobu Aikido of Ohio where he serves as Head Sempai. Andrew has co-presented on mental health, stress, mindfulness, grief and humor and offered hypnosis at regional and national conferences, as well as on the radio.  

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