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A Simpler Path to Helping Patients...

We are here to help speed up your journey to transplant so that you can once again enjoy all the things you did before chronic kidney disease took over your life.

We help you navigate the confusing and often frustrating path to transplant so that, together, we can help you do the things you enjoy, for many years to come.


Learn why transplant is a better option than dialysis to live a better and longer life.


Schedule time to chat with a care navigator to get all of your questions answered.


Schedule time to chat with a care navigator to get all of your questions answered.

We know this is a scary time.

Our co-founders have helped thousands of people get kidney transplants and have brought that can-do spirit to Rejuvenate. Hear from some of the people we’ve helped get second chances at life...

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Who is on your team?

Your healthcare navigator A person on our team will help you through the process every step of the way, answering all your questions as they come up.

Your physician Your primary care physician and/or nephrologist will still be a key member of the care team. He or she knows you and we need them to be in the process, as once you have your transplant, he or she will once again take care of you.

Your employer Your employer will not be provided any health information from us as that is confidential. They care greatly for you and will be cheer-leading your success

Your Transplant Center Once you are listed at a transplant center and receive notice that an organ becomes available, the transplant team (physicians, nurses, coordinators) at that hospital will care for you. Your care navigator and nephrologist remain in the loop to ensure a team approach in getting you back home.

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