Rejuvenate Kidney Transplant Solutions Announces Completion of Additional Seed Money Round

New round of funding allows expansion of services offered to help self-insured employers fight impact of kidney failure

TOLEDO, Ohio, March 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Rejuvenate Kidney Transplant Solutions, an organization dedicated to helping employers reduce expenses and improve the lives of employees with kidney disease, announces that it has completed another successful round of funding to support company growth initiatives.

This seed money round will fund expansion that will improve Rejuvenate’s infrastructure, grow its sales reach and enhance patient experience. The expansion was made possible under the leadership of CEO Michael Rees, MD, PhD.

“Rejuvenate has a strong value proposition for self-insured employers, brokers and captives looking to disrupt the way chronic kidney disease is typically managed,” said Rees. “We’re thrilled to assemble this additional investment into our organization as we look to scale our solution to help more self-insured employers fight the impact of kidney failure.”

The most recent round of funding solidifies the importance of Rejuvenate’s mission to change the way companies typically manage end-stage renal disease. Currently, one in seven American adults is living with chronic kidney disease, the effects of which can cost self-insured employers more than $500,000 per employee with kidney failure and leave employees unable to work at their full capacity. Using a Nobel Prize winning algorithm and proprietary data-driven process, Rejuvenate not only identifies patients in early-stage kidney disease but also works to get them transplanted faster, avoiding dialysis and improving patient outcomes. With clients ranging from manufacturing to agriculture, Rejuvenate’s model applies across all industries and states.

“Employers, as well as their brokers, insurers and captives, recognize that Rejuvenate’s solution is cost-effective and smart. This business model makes sense, and no one is built to go to the heart of expedited transplant better than Rejuvenate Kidney Transplant Solutions,” said Rees.

Co-founders Michael Rees, MD, PhD; Nobel Memorial Prize winner Alvin Roth, PhD; and Gabriel Holschneider serve on the board of directors.