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Gain control over healthcare expenses

Using our data-driven process, we identify your kidney failure patients early and get them transplanted faster, resulting in cost-savings and healthier, happier employees.

Kidney disease is very common

and hugely expensive to treat, costing self-insured employers millions of dollars each year.

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1 in 7 Americans has chronic kidney disease and 96% in the early stages aren’t even aware of it.

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As CKD progresses, patients need dialysis or a kidney transplant to survive. Sixty percent of patients die waiting for a kidney.

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Risk-bearing organizations pay for the first 33 months of kidney care. Costs to employers can be over $500k per person.

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The cost of transplantation, immunosuppressant drugs and associated care is roughly 1/5 the cost of dialysis.

We overcome barriers, save lives and reduce healthcare spend.


Prior to Rejuvenate Healthcare: 16,200 covered lives, 0.8 transplants per year, Spending $2.2 million annually on dialysis

First two years results: 5 transplants in two years or 2.5 per year - threefold increase, Savings $1.4 million

As a Rejuvenate partner, you will benefit from...

Our proprietary knowledge Our unique process shortens the time for a kidney failure patient to get a life-saving transplant by expediting referrals, evaluations, and time spent on the waiting lists, and replacing the need for conducting exhausting living donor searches. Our process greatly reduces the time spent on dialysis, saves hundreds or thousands of dollars per patient and adds years to an employee’s life.

Our turnkey program Our streamlined process requires very little time from you and your team. We manage the process every step of the way so you can focus on other important aspects of your role.

Our expert, caring team focused on saving lives and reducing healthcare costs We provide your employees and their families with a healthcare advocate. Our team’s hands-on approach results in highly-personalized experience where employees are provided peace of mind that their employer cares about them and they are being provided the very best opportunity to thrive.

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